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Bring it on
You've joined a new dating service that matches compatibility through product association. You're asked to name a television show (or movie), a beverage, and a book (or comic) that best represent who you are and what you are seeking in a potential partner

Television show (or movie)

Maybe you really enjoyed Batman v Superman.

Water probably isn't the best answer, but remember to stay hydrated.
Book (or comic)

We assume you read or like to look at pictures.
What's the scariest thing you've experienced or seen in the last year?

We are looking for a truthful response that shows emotional vulnerability.
You’re in a car. The radio is blasting. You’re singing along. There is blood everywhere.

What car, where are you, what song, where are you going? What's up with all the blood? Be specific and write it in two paragraphs.
What's your name?

First name *

Last name *

Where are you located?

Is there a writing sample that would be useful for us to read?

Maybe you got bored with our questions and have a much better example of your genius.
You're freaking awesome.

If you haven't already, go to popularium.com/beta and read the stories that our other Creators have published. Start with one of our favorites on the landing page, or choose whichever category interests you most (e.g. Play).

Then come back here and finish the rest of this process. There will be a test (just kidding, no seriously).

What were your favorite Popularium stories and why?

This is to prove that you actually went and read some. :)
You're done. We appreciate your time and thoughts.

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